Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone follows on the heels of Skyfire’s recent launch on Android, which has now become one of the most popular third-party browsers on Google’s mobile platform, with nearly a million downloads in its first three months. Skyfire 2.0 is the first mobile browser built for the social media generation and makes the mobile Internet experience faster, Flash-enabled and fun, including smart media recommendations.


What’s in Skyfire 2.0 for iPhone :

  • Adaptive streaming technology ensures optimal utilization of network and processor bandwidth (preserves battery life)
  • Sharing to Facebook and Twitter – it’s simple!
  • Facebook Quickview – Check your Facebook News/Wall without opening another app or page
  • Intuitive and finger friendly user interface for easy browsing experience
  • Load full desktop webpages on your mobile device
  • Multi-tab browsing – open up to eight windows and browse simultaneously
For more information, visit, or follow Skyfire on Twitter

VLC Media Player recently updated to version 1.1.0 to support the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G and iPod touch.
As you know VLC media player is one of the best media player for Mac and Windows.
VLC Media Player play the file multimedias most and various forms of streaming protocols
Latest from version 1.1.0:
Running on iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, and iPod touch

* You can now delete files from the application, without having to go through iTunes

* Many more extensions are recognized

* Faster decoding thanks to assembly optimization

The new version of this application has been tested on 4 our iPhone and it seems that the graphics and animations that really fluid with very high quality.
Immediately download before the application is missing from the apple store

Download VLC Media Player
I think everyone already know with an iPhone application this one. So I need not give more explanation.
This is the cracked version of iHandy Carpenter.
SimakBaca secara fonetik
If you want to use the full version from the apple store of course you have to spend $ from your credit card.

But here you can download and install to your iPhone for free and definitely full version.

So immediately download and install on your iPhone

Download iHandy Carpenter.IPA
After a long post about software and computer tools, this time I'll post updates for Internet Download Manager that comes out in May last month, namely Internet Download Manager 519 Build 3 Full version and of course free.

for you are fond donwload files from the internet already know and do not necessarily familiar with that name is IDM? but if you already have? if you do not have to bother if it had to wait long to donwload.

let alone that we donwload the file size is large, and must use the default donwloader computer, it will take a long time until the download is complete.

Well if do not want to wait a long time and want to quickly please use Internet Download this Manager.kali we provide are free for you to download and install on your computer.
download here for free, because if not you must buy from the official website it expensive, it's better to have coffee with friends

With Internet Download Manager you can certainly download quickly

Internet Download Manager 519 Build 3 is the latest update from the Internet
Download Manager 519 Build 2. So of course this version is better than previous versions.
Although currently out
Update for IDM 519 Build 4 , the article I will discuss in the next post, so do not forget Stay tuned on BRIS ZED 21 Blog.

Download Internet Download Manager 519

Download Internet Download Manager 519 Patch

If there are installation problems, troubled, confused, etc., please leave a comment